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Stone Retaining Walls

All Stone & Pave build stone retaining walls that are built to last, and look great! Stand the test of time, even up against the harsh Queensland weather.

Stone Retaining Walls Brisbane

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Stone Retaining Walls are stone walls that are designed to keep sections of soil or land in place and prevent them from eroding.

Unlike regular concrete walling, stone retaining walls are decidedly more attractive and beautiful, improving the look of your property. They offer a more natural aesthetic than standard concrete walls, providing walls that look and feel at home in gardens, yards and roadside plots of land.

No matter how tall you need a stone retainer wall to be, our expert team will build it so it looks like a natural part of your property. We’ll use the right type and size of stones to create walls that are both beautiful and functional.

A Versatile Walling Solution

Stone retaining walls are perfect for any sloped or inclined area in your property, including:

  • Terraced gardens
  • Inclined paths
  • Inclined driveways
  • Sloped yards
  • Recessed patios and backyards

You can even use stone retaining walls as borders or boundaries if your property is on a hill or inclined block of land.

Interested in Installing Stone Retaining Walls?

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