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All Stone & Pave provides a full range of stone paving and walling services throughout Brisbane. From homes and apartments to offices and public parks, we can turn any wall or floor into a functional thing of beauty.


Strengthen walls, edges, or side banks with stone pitching that’s beautiful and built to last.


Turn people’s heads with stone cladding that gives your building a gorgeous stone finish.

Stone Retainer Walls

Keep land in place and secure borders on your property with strong and eye-catching stone retainer walls.

Stone Flooring

Turn your floors into works of art with stone flooring that’s stunningly irresistible.


Restore the look of your stone or paved surfaces and make them look like new again with our stone restorations.

All Services

Get the right solution to enhance the look and feel of your property. We provide stone stacking, stone facing, sealing, and more!

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